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 Pointe Shoes are like musical instruments, they permit us to
discover our balance and poise, and how to be a ‘part of the show.’

Young women who want to be Ballerina go through many stages of
growth. At the Ballet Studio we don’t build our muscles like body-
builders, we are discovering how ‘we feel’ and how our bodies work -
no need to look into the mirror- we can ‘feel’ each muscle responsible
for the lift in our leg, we feel which muscles allow us to turn freely in
a pirouette. As the young Ballerinas, we adapt, grow and learn how to
know ourselves deeply, almost on a spiritual-level.
With music, Ballerinas learn many things, we move our bodies and
arms to the music but not in unison, we let the music influence
different parts of our bodies differently, our arms are speaking and expressing some part of the orchestra’s music, are legs sometimes act as if they belonged to another dancer, and yet our upper body remains
poised and still as we hold are head up high with grace.
It takes talent and practice to learn how to make different parts of
our body actually contort and move in completely different directions.
We move and orient our body-parts to work entirely differently while
making it look effortless and free to our audience. Ballerinas are
deeply aware and conscious of their bodies and how to control them.
We are body, mind and spirit all rolled into one.
 Jumping is another trick, sometimes we jump high with G.A.
Pointe Shoes on, landing on Pointe, and sometimes we jump with
many other Ballerinas all together making our bodies look like we are
all one, so here we must work as a team and flow together. Training
starts early in class, all of us kids trying to do all our movements at
the same time, this practice really pays off when you are on stage with
other Ballerinas moving with the music and jumping in synchronicity.
We can jump to the sky with GA. pointe shoes , the absorbing foam makes a soft
toe pillow that feels more comfortable. Learning to overcome pain in your Pointe Shoes without showing your audience is another trick, we have to show no agony, only happiness and smiles like any other performer in the world: “the
show must go on.” When we join a troupe of Ballerinas traveling the
world, we become like family and we are the show, not as
individuals, but as a team.

 Confidence is our friend, and being connected to ourselves and all the hundreds of other people who make the Ballet a success is a real joy. And yes, Ballerinas work hard but heh, I mean, how many people wear pink Ballet slippers at work. It’s important to have the right Pointe Shoes, that’s for sure. As
with all instruments some shoes are like a beach guitar, or a concert
guitar, and others are like a Stradivarius violin. For Parents who are
always looking after their budgets, price is an important factor,
especially since their budding Ballerinas need new Pointe Shoes all
the time as they wear out fast with all the practice time in class, and
the many yearly performances, but without the instrument, without
our beloved G.A. Pointe Shoes well, you won’t be able to learn how
to feel focused and alive with each step; flying free like a spirit in the
wind – that is what we live for.

Jump high dancers! cuz this place is only for cosmonauts...

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