Parazitka’s Spring Shooting-17 done with Folks

…to have caught the team spirit, which has become a rarity these days.

The main topic was acquaintance. Our screen face and model Tezcan, wore dresses with amazing charm and elegance. Eray and Kaan did a great job with the photos and the technical aspects which was  perhaps the most tiring part of the job. Hümay and Begüm, whose faces we won’t see on the screen, did great things silently behind the scenes. I would also like to congratulate myself for my designs! 

I think we’re an intimate and warm team, not losing the enthusiasm and warmth of our amateur spirit, always striving to do our best.

The excitement of the photo shoot started early in the morning and left a sweet sentiment by the hours of the evening. We all left the studio with well earned pride, and having had fun whilst making new stuff.

It was also very enjoyable to have caught the team spirit, which has become a rarity these days. Perhaps a sweet gift from the universe, perhaps by chance.

There is no doubt that we’ll evolve as time goes by, renewing and progressively getting better. My team and I offer our endless gratitude to everyone who shares our dreams, who is supportive of our ideals and who has put faith in us.

That’s all for now… To new and exciting news soon!

Fly high, cuz this place is only for cosmonauts…

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